Back News

My back is slowly getting better.  I’ve been going to physical therapy everyday, which has really helped.  This week, I’m going every other day – and it should be my last week.  I’m still having trouble sitting down for long periods of time, so I’ve set up a make-shift standing desk in my office.

A lot of people ask me what caused it, and I’m not exactly sure.  I had been riding in rickshaws quite a bit, and those things have practically no suspension.  That, combined with the condition of the city roads, might have contributed.  I could sometimes feel the potholes jolt my spine.  In general, though, there was no single trauma (that I can remember), so it was probably a cumulative thing.

The physical therapist gave me a bunch of exercises to do at home, and Zak really likes doing them with me:

Uno Mania & Tegwar

The kids have gotten addicted to Uno, the card game.  I’m not sure why now – we’ve had the deck forever.  But the game is on.  Uncle Faizan and Aunt Simmi have been conscripted.

When I play, there are all these new cards and rules that I don’t remember.  I’m drawing cards on every turn, it seems.  Has Uno evolved so much?  Or am I just getting old?  Though often, when I ask the kids where some strange new rule came from, they say “Uncle Faizan told us that!”.  I’m starting to suspect he’s playing a version of “Tegwar” (from the movie Bang the Drum Slowly – skip to 1:30 of the clip).

Chinese Room

I went into this restaurant, but they just kept handing me pieces of paper with scribbled symbols on them:

Sorry couldn’t resist the dumb philosophy joke.[Not as good as Steve Martin’s plumber joke.]


Some recent pics:

This dog is sleeping on a car every morning when I walk by.  Probably a good strategy for both dog and driver (who’s going to break into a car with a dog sleeping on top?).

Here’s Ahmet riding a rooster:

The new playground by our apartment finally opened (after a delay of about a month).  Its hours are quite strange, though – it’s not open when the kids are getting out of school, which was when we were hoping to make regular visits.

I posted a picture awhile back of a momma dog who just had pups in a sewer grate along the side of the road.  They’re getting big now, and still hanging around the same neighborhood.  Below are pictures from before (left) and now (right).

Faizan, inspired by my recent shot of Zak in the autorickshaw mirror (below left), took this mirror snap of me driving my scooter behind him (that’s Rizwana in the red):

We stopped at a sweets shop the other night.  Indian sweets are very sweet, and also generally very nice to look at.  Here are some pics:

I got another haircut (not much left, but it grows fast):

And Zeeshan and I have been working on a new project.  I can’t tell you what it is yet – it’s a surprise.  But here’s a sneak peek:

It’s getting late.  Time to take a cue from Zak, who can fall asleep anywhere: