Sports Day

Today was “Sports Day” for Zak at the kids’ school (Eli’s and Sophia’s Sports Days are next week).  We used to call these Field Days when I was in school – races and other such athletic competitions to blow off some steam before a long break.   Here are some pics:

The kids’ school (RIMS) from the back, where the athletic field is located. The colorful things on the ground are little hurdles the kids jumped over.

Warming up

Zak preparing for the “Butterfly Race”, where they had to race to tie on their wings and then run to the finish line.

Zak doing a little warm-up dance before his hula hoop race.

After the kids were done, they had parents volunteer to run a “balloon race”, where we had to stand back-to-back with a balloon between us and race down the field, as a couple, without dropping the balloon.  It looked kind of like this picture (which I just found on the internet):

Farhana and I took second in the first heat (yes, there were heats!) and thus qualified for the finals.  In the finals, we were in third place in a close race when the second-place couple fell down (and another couple that was close dropped their balloon), thus paving the way for a Bzdak-Syed silver medal.

We then found out that there were actual prizes for first and second place and walked out of the school with a nice set of ceramic cooking dishes.  The thrill of (almost) victory was never so sweet.

Rogue One

Also, today I saw Rogue One with Eli  (had to balance the scales from Sophia’s Moana movie trip last weekend – Zak’s turn is coming).

My review:  Meh.  Not great.  Not terrible.  It had some good performances, and interesting characters, but didn’t develop them in much depth.  Lots of space battle scenes, but not much in the way of individual (i.e. light saber) duels, so you might be disappointed if that’s the sort of thing you go to a Star Wars movie for.  The theater we saw it in didn’t seem to have the projector as bright as it was supposed to be, so that might have been part of it.  Too dark (in the “absence of light” sense, rather than the “not much good happens” sense – though it was a bit dark in the latter sense as well).

The theater was very empty, which surprised me.  Perhaps Indians aren’t big Star Wars fans.

Perry Dox

I recently enjoyed this short story from one of my new favorite writers.  Thought you might, too:


           By Perry Dox

Nazli was lying on her bed, reading a book. She had recently bought it from a magic shop. It had been on “The Wall of Horrors”. Nazli bought it because it was the only book that seemed interesting enough. It was full of 4 different “true” horror stories.

   The first one had been called “The Return of the Birds”. The second one was called “Through It”. Finally, the most recent one, that she had just finished, was called “No One”. This was the creepiest to Nazli, because the main character was named Nazli. This was a pretty big coincidence, because Nazli was a pretty uncommon name.

   But now, Nazli was on the last story. At the store, this was the one story that Nazli took a sneak peak at. Compared to the other stories, this one seemed pretty harmless. Just some story about a girl named Samantha. But Nazli decided to read it through once more, just for the sake of it.

   After Nazli was 2 paragraphs in, she realized that the story was slightly different from how she remembered. The story was not about a girl named Samantha, but again, about Nazli. And another thing; this girl was doing the exact same things as she was. Even as she thought this, the book Nazli was thinking the exact same thing.

   The real Nazli tried to throw the book down, but she could not let go of it.

   As she panicked, her eyes kept reading farther down the page. As she read, she realized, in the book, Nazli wasn’t alone. Someone was in her room with her. Watching her. They were in her closet.

   Slowly, from the corner of her eye, Nazli saw the closet door inch open. In the book, the Nazli saw a shadow appear. In the book, Nazli screamed. But real Nazli was too scared to scream. Because out of the closet…….

   Stepped Nazli.

“Your time has come, sister. It’s your turn to live life in pain.”

With that, the closet Nazli throws Nazli into the book. Nazli is sucked in.

   Nazli’s mom comes in. “Everything okay, honey?” she asks.

     “Yes, better than it has been in a long time.” Nazli smiles. Now it is time to put her plan into action.

It was time to take over this world…….

[Please do not copy……

Your fate will be Nazli’s….]

PS:  This Wall Street Journal Article on India’s Demonitization hits the nail on the head: