I have some posts that I began back while I was still in India, but never finished and/or posted.  I’m going to try to get caught up a bit now.

My final exams were all done and grades were submitted back in April.  The department  – students and faculty – had a really nice going-away event, followed by lunch.  My colleagues were gracious and some of my students spoke very movingly.  It was a bit overwhelming.  Here are some pics:

With colleagues, office staff, etc.

With students

With my colleague, Karilemla

With my colleague Muzaffar Ali

With department chair, Dr. Chhatre

With my colleague and translator, Ashish

Me with Sukrut and Ashish


With my student Deepali


With Sukrut, Stuart and Zak


With Maushi, one of the building’s staff who was usually the first person I saw every morning.


With the vendor at the campus store/canteen, who I bought a lot of spicy peanuts from

It’s difficult to believe that these pictures are from two months ago, already.  And that we arrived in India exactly a year ago.  We all quite miss being there, and going back through these pictures reminds me of some of the great experiences I had at SPPU.