Open House

The kids had a combination Open House/Science Fair at their school recently.  Here are some pics:

Zak’s Van Gogh impression

Looking forward to talking to their teachers

Eli and his science project

Eli with his fellow group members

Science Fair sign

Japanese Garden

A few months back, we went to visit a Japanese friendship garden in Pune – though it was at night.  The kids have been wanting to go back during the day, so they finally got their chance.

Groundhog Day

I missed the garden this time around as I was hosting the department’s Saturday movie day.  Since very view of my students had seen it before, I decided to show the movie Groundhog Day – which is, believe it or not, a defense of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics (among other philosophical themes).  I think it went over pretty well, though I felt the need to assure those in attendance that Groundhog Day is a real thing in the US.

Here are some philosophical takes on the movie, if you’re interested:


One of the wonderful things about Pune is the bird life.  We see and hear a wide range of birds throughout the day, from hummingbirds to hawks.  Recently, a family of doves (I think) moved in across the hall from my office:


Farhana’s dad is back in the hospital.  As you may remember, he has COPD and often has shortness of breath.  The hot weather (it’s getting up to around 100 degrees here during the days) hasn’t helped.  He’s doing well, though, and was recently moved from intensive care to a private room.  The doctors expect him to be home soon.  Thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.