A Logical Semester

So I’m teaching two logic courses this semester:  one on predicate/quantifier logic and the other on advance/many-valued logic.  I’m using Copi’s Symbolic Logic, 5th ed. for the former and Graham Priest’s An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic, 2nd edition for the latter.  I’m not crazy about the Copi book, but the syllabus is built around it, so I didn’t have a lot of choice.  I like the Priest book a lot, though it’s a bit quick and technical at times.  For help with the latter course, I’ve also been using Susan Haack’s Deviant Logic, and Ted Sider’s Logic for Philosophy

Additionally, one of my colleagues has been generous enough to let me help out with her Hume course.  And I’m assisting with some writing workshops on (most) Fridays, at which students present papers they’re working on.   It’s been great and I’ve really enjoyed reading their work.

The end of the semester is near – we finish classes in mid-April and start finals on April 20.

Baba Update

Farhana’s father has been having good days and bad.  There was talk of him coming home soon, but his condition fluctuates and so homecoming has been delayed.  Keep your thoughts and prayers coming.

Heat Wave

Summer is definitely here.  I doubt I’ll get any sympathy from Syracusans, who still seem to be stuck in winter, but these days, we’re actually quite envious of them.  The joke here is that Pune and Syracuse are about the same temperature these days, so long as you don’t convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa).  Here’s a recent Times of India story.


Air conditioners are incredibly expensive to buy, and to run (they really increase the electric bill).  Plus our windows have metal bars on them, so installing a window AC unit would be difficult.  So at night, we use our ceiling fans, some standing fans, and electric coolers, which we fill with cold water at night which they turn into cold (well, coolish) air – at least until the water hits room temperature.  Hopefully, we’re asleep by then.

One Last Project?

Way back in September, when we were still living at Gulistan, I went to buy eggs and the egg guy was throwing away an old bench.  It’s condition wasn’t too bad – it seemed that only one piece was missing.  I asked if I could take the rest and he said sure.  It’s been sitting on our terrace like that ever since.  I finally got around to getting all the old nails out, sanding it down and putting some paint on it.  Then I got the kids to help.  It’s not done yet, but I think it’ll be ready to go before we leave.

Beauty and the Beast

Farhana, Simmi and Rizwana took the kids to see the new live-action Beauty and the Beast.  Apparently, it’s very good.

The kids are really going to miss their aunts and uncles!