I wanted to take a little break after the India trip, but never thought it would would end up being a year-and-a-half sabbatical (significantly longer than the trip itself)!

Anyway, I figure if I get rid of davidbzdak.com, some bot will grab it up and make me pay a lot more to re-acquire. And if I’m going to pay to keep the damn domain, might as well use it.

With respect to blogging, I very much like the style of Ann Althouse. Both in the sense of how she blogs (a bit everyday, sometimes just links, and other times more substantive posts); and also with respect to her honesty, fearlessness, and willingness to go against the grain. I often disagree with her. But she’s never boring. And she never simply spews someone’s party line.

So that’s the plan. I’ll post some stuff on philosophy, on teaching philosophy, on teaching at a community college, and on some of the projects I’m working on in that context (e.g. improving the advising model at my institution). But I’ll also post on the things I’m reading, pop culture, political issues (though very rarely), etc.

Welcome to 2019!